▷ it means everything._
or; where i go to get sentimental

- julien smith

all pigeons are angels.

a shy little girl learning to clear her throat for the first time; i'm her; she's still me; i hope i'm making her proud

it was all worth it in the end. and i'll keep going, too.


i wish i knew how to know you. but all i want is for you to stick around, even amongst the things you'll never speak about.

you turned to me, carefully navigating the thick blanket of snow, and i caught a glimpse of your chapped, red face swimming in the pools of your scarf. you laughed, puffs of cold breath escaping. i wished i could cup the moment in my hands, but i just cherished it instead.

i wrote you a love letter in the faintest pencil i could find,
thank you for patience,
thank you for your mind.

"if you'd just drop the act you'd realize how beautiful it can all really be. can't you see? you're meant to embarrass yourself again and again. to stand up on the other side of fear. get attached just to lose hold. it all means something. it means everything."

snow on the ground
from a freshly 17 winter
my whole body shook
with the effort of not telling you
standing at the edge of my life
I placed a bet on my heart
and I won!

"we walk through the world at its leisure. we're here at its mercy and with its blessing.
at some point we have to ask ourselves how we want to live." - megan stielstra

foggy windows in the car ride home after our first kiss; drew a smile in the condensation to remind myself it was real

time adventure - rebecca sugar

say yes - elliot smith

the big ship - brian eno